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The Christian Outdoor Leadership School (COLS) offers wilderness adventure trips for active pre-teen and teenage boys. Through fun outdoor activities and Christian teachings, COLS helps boys develop character, leadership skills, self-awareness, and a stronger faith. Trips are typically 8-10 days long and led by experienced staff in small groups.



We're a wilderness-based overnight outdoor adventure program for pre-teen and teenage boys.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for character and leadership development in the context of faith in God, Christian principles and outdoor adventure. COLS is an outdoor adventure experience where kids can be kids. We create an experience of learning outside, doing fun and challenging activities where the participants can be unplugged electronically and explore.

The program is designed for physically active, high character kids. The intent is to provide kids with an outdoor adventure, where they learn technical outdoor skills, learn about leadership (with an emphasis on leading yourself), grow in self awareness, strengthen their faith in God, and have a good time.

The program is broadly Christian based, upholding Biblical principles, but is not affiliated with any specific church or denomination. The program seeks to glorify God by fostering a Christian view of God, faith, and Christian character (patience, kindness, goodness, perseverance, forgiveness ...). COLS caters to good athletic kids who are open to learning about God and interested in outdoor leadership.

COLS has been running outdoor-based trips since 1999. Typically trips are 8-10 days. Occasionally, COLS has run specialty trips (like white water kayak instructional trips) that have been as short as three days. Group sizes are small generally 6-8 kids with 2 staff.

Our hope is that each participant will grow in his appreciation of God, gain a greater understanding of himself, be better able to work with others, have fun, learn technical outdoor skills, and create life-long memories.

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